Life Tenancy Investments – Opportunities to buy at our next auction

If you love investing in property but are bored of buy-to-let investments, why not take a look at Life Tenancy Investments, which are now available to individual UK investors

With the UK economy back on its feet and the housing market booming, there’s never been a better time to invest in bricks and mortar, especially for pension provision.

Life Tenancy Investments offer a simple and straightforward way to invest for your and your family’s future and are a viable alternative to buy-to-let investments.

In return for the freehold or leasehold interest in their property being sold to an investor the occupier receive a lease for their lifetime with no rent payable. The occupier maintains and insures the building. The property then fully reverts to the investor upon the death of teh lifetme tenant(s).

What makes a Life Tenancy Investment an attractive property investment is that the investor has the opportunity to purchase a property for a fraction of its current open market vacant possession value offering superb potential for capital growth.

Investors are able to purchase the property and will be the named owners on the title deeds. The ownership will be subject to the lifetime lease granted to the Life Tenant.

The investor is entitled to all the sale proceeds unless the Life Tenant has retained a percentage of the property value in which case the investor will send the Life Tenant’s proportion of the proceeds to them once the sale completes. If the Life Tenant has retained a percentage this is reflected in the investor’s purchase price of the investment.

Network Auctions Director and Auctioneers, Guy Charrison says: “Life Tenancy Investments are easy to manage as the occupier maintains and insures the building and are an ideal investment for you, your children or grandchildren. Historically, Life Tenancy Leases have offered a fantastic return on initial investment. The investment is growing in value due to the increasing age of the Life Tenant in addition to any capital growth – creating a ‘double line’ growth opportunity.”

Network Auctions have sold dozens of Life Tenancy investments during the past two years and our two day March sale has seven such investment opportunities with guide prices from just £25,000 

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