Mother Buys Property For Daughter At Auction After Watching YouTube Videos

A mother dedicated to getting her daughter on the expensive London property ladder, watched YouTube videos in a bid to understand the property auction market to successfully buy her, her first property.

The lady, who has lived in Hither Farm Road, Blackheath, London since 2000, was surprised to see the auction board erected two doors down from her – but when she did, it gave her an idea.

‘I’d never been to auction before, never watched any programmes, I don’t know anything about it – but when we viewed the property it was perfect.’

‘My daughter is busy at work and I wanted to help her out and so I came to auction to bid for this so she could get her foot on the ladder.’

‘I didn’t know anything about what I had to do at auction and so for the past week I’ve been watching YouTube videos. I was really worried about the gavel falling so I was watching for that, I needed to be sure when the gavel fell it was my property.’

‘My daughter was watching the auction live online at work, but she didn’t know she was the winning bidder until I called her.’

The winning bid at £315,000 for the two-bed, two-bathroom modern terraced house was just over the guide price of £310,000.

Delighted and excited by her win at auction, the generous mum can’t wait to help her daughter move into her first property. Talking of her first time at a property auction, she said, ‘This has been a story of a lifetime.’

Network Auctions’ 28th February ballroom sale, held in their new location at The Westbury Mayfair, raised £5,942,500 with a successful sales rate of 86%.