Network Auctions Beats Brexit Blues with Decade Beating December Auction

Network Auctions last ballroom auction of the year held at Grosvenor House Hotel on the 13th December has raised a Christmas cheer as the total £5,374,500 raised is the highest at a December sale for the firm going back over a decade.

Toby Limbrick, director, said, “It is a tough market out there, but I’m delighted to see we raised almost £2 million more this December than last year and to end the year with one of our highest for some 13 years is a great boost to the team.”

“Market conditions remain uncertain and those who are certain about wanting a sale are choosing auction as the most competitive way. We secured a number of sales prior, showing there’s buyer activity out there. Auction creates momentum for buyers and that’s something the rest of the property market is lacking right now”