Property Ombudsman Team learn more about Auctions.



Guy Charrison Chartered Surveyor and immediate past
president of The National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers (NAVA)
recently accepted an invitation from Christopher Hamer the Property Ombudsman
to speak to his colleagues at the Ombudsman’s offices in Salisbury.

The Property Ombudsman has a remit covering not only estate
and letting agents, but also auctioneers, in both the property and chattels


Guy presentation covered the practicalities of auctions as
well as details of the legalities.


Christopher Hamer said
“Whilst auction disputes do not feature significantly in my workload it is
important that we understand and are aware of the particular legislation and
situations that can arise.  Guy’s mix of
anecdotes, legalities and real life scenarios was both interesting and very