A recent testimonial from a satisfied client:

“Network Auctions delivered an astonishing result gaining us more interest with their auction than what the estate agents had managed with two previous informal tender processes. We were hoping to achieve £250,000 for the property, but we sold at £282,000. The auction seems to create it’s own momentum and they they got good coverage  with lots of interested people. It was my first time selling at auction and Richard was very good and there was lots of communication. I was talked through the process upfront and also spoken to before auction. The explanations were clear and the service was great with many calls being more “courtesy” than necessary. I am very impressed with Network Auctions.”

Steven Wheeler, Property Trustee

Property location:  Friary Hill, Dorchester, 
Property sold at Network Auctions on 19th April.
Introduced by a local Network Auctions partner.

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Lot 41 – exceeds £2M at auction
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    Sold: 270,000
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    Sold: 795,000
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    Sold: 97,000
    Result: 40% above reserve
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