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Network Auctions are developing a national network of forward thinking, professional Estate Agents and are actively recruiting strategically based auction partners. It is simple and financially risk free to offer an auction service to your clients.

Network E is set to revolutionise the residential sales market. It’s a hybrid combining the speed and certainty of a traditional auction with the best elements of a private treaty sale - a game changer for our partner agents and a valuable instruction gaining tool. All buyers, including those with related sales and mortgages can take part which means any property can be sold this way and with legal packs available prior to auction bidders undertake their due diligence before committing. When the auction closes our Exclusivity Agreement grants the buyer time to secure their mortgage prior to exchanging contracts and the seller undertakes not to sell to anyone else, the buyer pays a deposit in return for the Exclusivity Agreement which is forfeited if they withdraw. The sales process is expedited, sales progression is negligible while gazumping and gazundering are eliminated. Three key benefits of Network E to our partner agents are as follows:

1. Win more instructions!
Stand out from your competitors and use Network E as a genuine differentiator in your marketplace. Open more doors and win more instructions.

2. Complete more sales!
Network E ensures much greater certainty of sale than a standard private treaty approach. You will have less abortive transactions and quicker completions and therefore need to spend less time nurturing sales to conclusion. This is time that can usefully be used to build your business further.

3. Get paid even if a sale aborts!
In the rare event of a buyer failing to proceed and creating an abortive transaction, the reservation deposit is split between the seller, ourselves and you, the Network E partner agent.

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Why should you join us?

You have worked hard establishing a successful company. We will help you continue this success by building with you an auction service for your clients that importantly is in your Estate Agency name, further developing your brand.

By marketing your company as auctioneers you raise the profile of your business, create a valuable USP over your competitors and most importantly, benefit from a valuable new income stream selling types of property that would have previously passed you by.

It enables you to maximise your existing contacts through sales lettings and management departments and help clients sell property anywhere in the UK.

Why turn down or refer an instruction when you can now act directly for that client?

Our partnership model produces a welcome additional revenue stream from auction lots and will also drive leads to you from motivated sellers. The ability to expose your clients property both locally and nationally is a compelling argument when it comes to securing instructions as David Midgely of Richard Godsell explains. “When I’m out on valuations and discussing the method of sale, I am able to offer them the possibility of taking their property to auction in London, rather than one in Christchurch town centre! Recently, I had a property that had been the ladies family home for 70 years, when she passed away it needed a huge amount of work. I spoke to the executors 200 miles away and offered them (as required) the different methods of sale including private treaty, sealed bids or auction. I recommended auction and a guide price of £265,000, it sold for £310,000 in London which made the family very happy. Offering my clients the best possible service was an investment that I was very happy to make and I’d make it again.”

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Please contact Toby Limbrick or Stuart Elliott on 020 7871 0420 or email  for more information about becoming a partner and offering Auction Services