Rightbuyer - Committed Transactions

Buyers secure a Rightbuyer Exclusivity Agreement for a fixed period of up to 12 weeks to arrange their mortgage before exchanging contracts, safe in the knowledge they will not be gazumped.

Certainty for Buyers & Sellers

Rightbuyer eliminates the delays, uncertainty and fall-throughs associated with property transactions.
The Exclusivity Agreement allows buyers time to secure a mortgage, sellers undertake not to sell to anyone else.

Buyers pay a deposit of £1000 for the Exclusivity Agreement. This IS NOT a fee, when contracts are exchanged the deposit is credited in part payment for the property.

Rightbuyer is exclusively available via Network Auctions and our Estate Agent partners throughout the UK.
For more information about buying or selling a property please refer to the guides below. Alternatively, contact our national sales team on 020 7871 0420.