Written by: Toby Limbrick | 5 Jul 2023

Our partner agents and why it works.

We maintain great relationships with our partner estate agents and that has only increased during the last few years with the success of our online auctions. Every year we pay hundreds of thousands in commission to our partners: Estate Agents, Commercial Agents, Surveyors and Property Professionals. But just how do we generate this additional income stream for them? Well, just like with private treaty sales, estate agents earn commissions on every property sold, only at auction, things are much faster. Instead of spending hours of your time with sales progression, trying to push sales through to completion, commissions with us secured on the fall of the gavel, that’s usually within 21 days of instruction. Not only that, our partners retain 70% of the commission, it’s the best deal in the market. Add in the fact auction fees are higher than with private treaty sales and on average, our partners earn 1.75% + VAT of the final sale price.

But more money in your pocket isn’t the only reason why partnering with us is the smart choice. Having an extra service to promote means you get far more enquiries on your properties, which in turn means you’re likely to win more instructions. If you’re having trouble connecting a property with a buyer, having us on hand as your partner means another approach and a whole new market. Our auctions are nationwide, so you’re reaching a far greater audience. If you don’t have an auction department, you will have people who want to sell through auction and your brand won’t connect with them, meaning you’re missing out on an entire demographic of clients.

Not all properties are suitable for traditional auction, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t eager buyers on the lookout for just that sort of thing. We know just how popular those types of properties are and have a database of people who are looking for a good reno project to sink their teeth into. Similarly, not all clients want the traditional method. Some are looking for a fast sale as the wait of a private treaty just isn’t conducive to their needs. By offering auction services, you will be able to cater to a far wider audience.

And it costs exactly £0 to sign up as a partner with us, that’s including ongoing support from us and free training. A bargain before anything even goes under the hammer! To us, it seems like a no brainer. Get in touch today and let us help you increase your cash flow! But don’t just take our word for it, one of our partners, Ken Hume from James Alexander, had this to say; “We’ve always felt that Network Auctions are an extension of our team, and not separate from it.” – We think it sums our partnerships up, perfectly.

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