Written by: Toby Limbrick | 15 Feb 2024

Hidden Gems: Exploring Underrated Auction Locations

In the world of property auctions, certain well-known locations shine brightly, such as London, Bristol, or Edinburgh, and draw considerable attention from investors and homebuyers alike. But amidst the glitz and glamour of renowned auction hotspots, exist hidden gems— emerging markets and up-and-coming locations waiting to be discovered. So, let’s uncover the potential these locations hold for savvy investors and discerning buyers.

The property market is ever-changing and as a result of a persistent shortage of homes in the UK and a growing number of individuals opting to rent, there has been a notable rise in both house prices and rental rates in some cities. Over the last 12 months, one of the cities with the highest growth in house prices at 9.3% is Manchester, making it a key city to look out for a property investment.

Here are some Manchester properties sold through us that achieved a great sale over the last 12 months:

Flats 1 – 9, 42-44 Bignor Street, Manchester

Flats 1 – 9, 42-44 Bignor Street, Manchester

Auctions have unexpected emerging hubs across the UK where the market booms, which include Hartlepool, Liverpool, Bradford, and Peterlee. Much of the allure of auction properties comes from the uniqueness of what is on offer, the range of diversity, and the properties’ location to key area, such as universities and hospitals, and these locations offer just that.

Flat 16 25 James Street, Bradford

If you don’t want a long wait between listing your property and finding a tenant, consider investing in a property in West Yorkshire, where 30% of all properties are snapped up within two weeks of it being listed. As one of the fastest-moving regional markets, this is a sure way of securing a great investment.

50 Thomas Street South, Halifax, West Yorkshire

One city that’s a clear emerging market for property investment is Sheffield. The city is currently entering the early stages of its next property cycle, with many redevelopment schemes underway and a hefty £480million invested to develop it’s retail sector, to meet the demand of its rising population. It’s certain to be a great investment in the future.

3 Rockleigh, Huthwaite Lane, Thurgoland, Sheffield

5 Lime Tree Avenue, Kiveton Park, Sheffield

Underrated auction locations offer a wealth of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. By venturing off the beaten path and exploring these lesser-known locales, investors and homebuyers can unearth unique opportunities that can be even more rewarding than more well-known cities.

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