Rightbuyer - Sellers Guide

6 Steps to a Successful Sale

Rightbuyer is a committed property transaction. Buyers secure a Rightbuyer Exclusivity Agreement for a fixed period of 12 weeks to arrange their mortgage (8 weeks if the property is vacant) before exchanging contracts, safe in the knowledge they won’t be gazumped.

Avoid time-wasters and sell to a motivated buyer. The Reservation Deposit and fixed timescales of a Rightbuyer Exclusivity Agreement eliminate procrastination and renegotiation.

Before you commit, the Estate Agent will explain the process, discuss timescales and recommend a price for your property. This will help you decide if Rightbuyer is the most suitable method of sale for you and your property.

The Agent will provide their terms of business to read and approve.

Your property listing is produced, once approved by you it’s uploaded to the Estate Agents website and marketing begins. The listing will make it clear to interested parties the sale is to be conducted on Rightbuyer terms.

Prospective buyers know the property is offered on Rightbuyer terms, it means only serious and motivated buyers will view.

When a sale is agreed, the Agent will ask the buyer for regulatory ID and financial information. Buyer and seller sign the Rightbuyer Agreement and the buyer pays the Reservation Deposit. The Agent holds the deposit in accordance with the terms of the agreement and provides a receipt to the buyer when confirming the sale in writing. The Agent advise the solicitors of the terms of the sale and confirm the deposit is held in part payment for the property.

The Agent liaises with the buyer, seller and their solicitors to progress the sale. With a fixed timescale for exchange of contracts the onus is on the buyer to perform. When contracts are exchanged, they transfer the Reservation Deposit to the sellers solicitor.